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Zinc alkaline

During the alkaline process, the details get a zinc coating with passivation in the following variants:

  • Thick-layer white Cr + 6 FREE
  • Black Cr + 6 FREE
  • Blue Cr + 6 FREE
  • Yellow Cr + 6 FREE (only on barrel lines)

The modern zinc bath used in our zinc plating is characterized by excellent depth, guarantees gloss and even distribution of coating thickness in the whole range of current densities. The zinc structure achieved as a result of the process allows for bending electroplating details.

The scope of production includes both racks and barrels machines.

Acid zinc

Acid baths are the only one of all types of plating baths, show micro-smoothing properties (the applied coating has a much lower roughness than the substrate covered with it). As a result, the coatings achieve a mirror shine and are also very durable.

Acid zinc technology allows zinc coating of cast iron elements.

In addition, we can apply passivation:

  • Transparent thick layer Cr + 6 FREE
  • Blue Cr + 6 FREE



The zinc-nickel coating is realized in barrel and rack technology.

The steel elements are coated with a zinc-nickel coating from alkaline bath salts, nickel content in the coating of 12 to 16%, which is a guarantee of high corrosion resistance.

The resulting coating can be finished with passivation:

  • Transparent thick layer Cr + 6 FREE
  • Black Cr + 6 FREE (only on barrel lines)

Depending on the customer's requirements, we have mineral and mineral-organic sealers extending the corrosion resistance of the details in the salt chamber.

As well as sealers with adjustable coefficient of friction (on barrel lines)

  • White coefficient of friction 0.08-0.14
  • White coefficient of friction 0.10-0.16
  • Black coefficient of friction 0.14-0.18



The deposition of the zinc-iron alloy is carried out with alkaline baths.

Surfaces with zinc-iron coating combine functional anti-corrosion protection with an attractive surface appearance. This type of coating is used primarily in the automotive and construction industries.

In order to protect the zinc coating, we use passivation :

  • Transparent  Cr + 6 FREE
  • Black Cr + 6 FREE

The technology is available both on the rack lines and barrel lines.


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